Best 10 coffee shops in London

Find out where to get the best coffee in London with our pick of 10 great indie coffee houses and cafes.

Not a large chain in sight, these guys know their beans – and what to do with them.

1. Coffee Island

Perfect for coffee nerds, you can make your own customised coffee blend at Coffee Island – just moments away from Leicester Square and Covent Garden. You can even choose how your coffee is brewed, including pour over, Chemex, AeroPress, Syphon and cold drip.

2. Kaffeine

With its two West End shops, Kaffeine has become a staple of the London coffee scene – and being an Australian/New Zealand operation, knows a thing or two about flat whites. It also runs courses in "latte art" and other essential coffee-making skills.

3. Ground Control

A frothy cup of coffee in a green cup and saucer
A cup of coffee © Clem Onojeghuo. Image courtesy of Clem Onojeghuo

Specialising in Ethiopian coffee, Ground Control near Angel is the public face of the Ethiopian Coffee Company. Pop in for the Daily Filter, which throughout the week changes to a different region of Ethiopia. They'll even tell you what the tasting notes are.

4. The Attendant

An old Victorian toilet might seem an unusual spot for an espresso bar, but not when you see the beautiful ironwork outside and inspired new use for the original porcelain urinals at The Attendant in Fitzrovia. The coffee comes from Caravan on Exmouth Market, and the milk from a small farm in Somerset.

5. Workshop Coffee

When it's not roasting, brewing or selling top-end coffee beans and hardware, Workshop Coffee is holding workshops on how to brew at home. Or you could just visit one of its 5 London outlets in Shoreditch, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Paddington and on the ground floor of Amazon HQ in Holborn. You may even be able to pick up your order at the same time!

6. Soho Grind

The sibling of the popular Shoreditch Grind and younger ventures Holborn Grind and London Grind, this hideaway incorporates the relaxed vibe found in the other members of this mini chain with Soho style. At Soho Grind, you can sample unique blends of coffee using its own Grind & Co. House Espresso Blend or linger into the night for cocktails.

7. Cà Phê VN

Vietnamese coffee is still quite a niche market in London, but Cà Phê VN is spreading the word through its weekly Saigon street cafe stall at Broadway Market. Every Saturday, it serves up coffee, Vietnamese style. For white coffee, that means a seriously strong espresso topped with condensed milk served hot or over ice.

8. Federation Coffee

A person holding a glass of iced coffee with two striped straws
Iced coffee in a glass © Karim Boubker. Image courtesy of Karim Boubker

With its red star insignia, Federation Coffee brings a touch of revolutionary spirit to Brixton Village Market. Its espresso blend is bespoke and changes with the seasons, while the guest filter option gives the opportunity to try different coffees throughout the year.

9. Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth is like the farmers' market of coffee shops: sourcing, roasting and brewing its own coffee. Its stores can be found in Covent Garden and Borough Market, where you can sample its latest espresso blend.

10. Prufrock Coffee

Spacious Leather Lane cafe Prufrock Coffee was created by former World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies. As well as serving top-notch espresso with milk (by the ounce), it runs a barista training centre for pros and amateurs to practice making the perfect cup.